07 May 2009

KyO's InFo... OiL CaTcH TanK FuncTiOn

An oil catch tank works & functions like a crankcase vent filter. In most vehicles, the vented gas & oil are recycled back into the vehicle air intake piping just before the throttle body. An oil catch tank will bypass the connection between the crankcase & air induction intake piping. This will help in relieving the pressure placed against the valve train under severe engine loads. Unlike other crankcase filter (literally a small cotton gauze filter), the SARD Oil Catch Tank will prevent oil dripping onto adjacent engine components. The SARD tank will catch or collect excess engine oil that is vented out by the valve train. This will ensure a clean engine compartment and maintain the custom look of the engine, and at the same time,maximizes engine performance. The compact body (D67 mm x H190 mm) of the SARD Oil Catch Tank is made of all stainless steel construction. With a built-in oil level gauge, a driver can check the quantity of oil collected in the tank. Secure installation is made possible by using a T-bolt crank fastener.

The SARD Oil Catch Tank is available in specific vehicle model type, and in an universal model type.

The SARD oil catch can reduces oil blow by from the crank case by directing blow by and other fumes to a dedicated reservoir, instead of recirculating back into the intake tract.

The SARD oil catch tank has large nipple fittings, as well as adapter options for customization.

On some vehicles, life and accuracy of Mass Air Flow or Air Flow meters can be extended by installing the oil catch can

GReddy Oil Catch Tanks collects the oil, moisture, and blow-by gas that causes carbon build-up in the intake system and engine to keep them clean even in the hardest driving conditions.These oil catch tanks are highly recomended. Because every turbo car produces some sort of blow-by, these catch tanks can greatly increase the life of your turbo.The oil catch tanks come in a polished aluminum for great looks under your hood.The Traditional (Sq.) model holds 500ml and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, while the high capacity 1000ml Lightweight (Oval) is better suited for vertical mounting.

An Oil catch tank is a must have for turbo applications. Normally the engine recirculates the hot oily vapour back in the inlet, coating the pipework and causing the intercooler to loose efficiency. The oil catch tank does exactly what it says it does, it still allows the engine to vent the hot oily vapour, but it catches it inside the tank, and then vents the clean air to the atmosphere.

Cusco Oil Catch Can works just like a crankcase vent filter. It will bypass the connection between the crankcase and the air induction intake track. This will relieve pressure place against the valve train under engine load. But unlike a crankcase vent filter, the oil used by the valve train will not drip onto adjacent engine components. The oil catch can will "catch" all excess oil that is blow out by the valve train. This will keep your engine compartment clean, your performance maximized, and give your engine that custom look.

The unburned gas which is toxic can remain in the cylinder head of a normal production engine can returne d and sent to the combustion room slong with the mixture with this oil tank.

Where as with competition cars the unburned gas let out in the air.

This tank will not pollute the air and re-burn the gas.

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